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  • Your Personal Injury Claim Evaluation During An Initial Consultation

    10 March 2020

    Injuries that you sustain in an auto accident can last a lifetime. An auto accident attorney will meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate your case. You will need to show that you have losses and that your losses are a direct result of the accident you were in. Establishing fault for the accident is important, and you will need to be able to show that you were less than 50% at fault for the accident.

  • Slipped & Fell At The Grocery Store? What To Do Next

    5 March 2020

    When you were a child, slipping and falling was probably something that happened on a daily basis. Children love to run and play, and if they reach top speeds, it's almost inevitable that they will take a spill at some point. Because you were so young and full of exuberance, you probably popped back up instantly after a fall and continued your games. However, things change when you become an adult.

  • Contacting A Personal Injury Attorney After A Medication-Related Illness

    28 February 2020

    While many people know that a personal injury attorney can help them build a legal case after a car accident or work-related injury, many don't realize that personal injury attorneys also help people who have gotten sick or permanently disabled from taking prescription medications. If you took any of the following medications and became seriously ill or disabled as a result, contact a personal injury attorney. Anti-Lipid Medication Personal injury lawyers are very familiar with the dangers of anti-lipid medications.

  • How a Lawyer Can Help You During the Business Formation Process

    26 February 2020

    The time when you are first getting a new business off of the ground is a very important time, and it's important to focus on doing everything the right way. For example, you might need legal assistance during the business formation process. It's wise to work with a business transaction attorney during this time so that he or she can help you with the things below and more. Going Over Lease or Purchase Contracts

  • Three Concerns A Lawyer Can Address About Your Personal Injury Claim

    24 February 2020

    After suffering an injury, you may have the option of pursuing a personal injury claim. This can be a complicated process to undertake, especially when you're still recovering. If you're uncertain about whether to pursue this claim, an experienced lawyer can help you figure out how much your claim may be worth, if it's a good idea to pursue it, and help alleviate any concerns about court costs. You Don't Know How Much Your Claim is Worth

  • Work Through Your Workers Compensation Claim When You Are Initially Denied

    21 February 2020

    Your workers compensation claim can be denied, even when you are hurt at work and not able to return to your job right away. It is possible that your paperwork was not complete, or your employer did not report your injury right away. Your workers compensation insurance company will tell you why your claim was denied, and you will need to appeal the decision in order to get the benefits you deserve.

  • Dealing With A Personal Injury Claim? How To Get The Most Out Of Your Legal Representation

    19 February 2020

    If you're dealing with a personal injury claim, don't proceed without legal representation. Personal injury claims are complex matters that require the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you're not sure how to choose a law firm for your personal injury claim, here are some tips to help take the stress out of the search.  Start With a Referral If you're looking for a personal injury firm to handle your accident claim, start with a referral.

  • Six Things You Should Know Regarding Medical Treatment And Your Personal Injury Case

    14 February 2020

    One of the most important factors in any personal injury case is the plaintiff's medical treatment details. If you're pursuing a personal injury case, you should know the following six things about medical treatment and your personal injury case. You'll be required to present your medical records as part of your case. Your medical records are going to come under scrutiny as part of your case. Your medical records indicate the diagnosis your physician made regarding your condition or injury.

  • Keys For Getting Legal Car Accident Help

    12 February 2020

    Car accidents can be downright ugly even if they are not fatal. No matter what, you will generally have a lot of things to consider so that you can recover and make sure that you are also protective of your legal rights. You should begin to work with a team of lawyers while also taking their advice seriously when it comes to recovering and avoiding damaging your case. To this end, follow the points in this article and start consulting with some professionals that can assist you with every step of your car accident case.

  • Understanding Your Car Accident Independent Medical Exam

    30 January 2020

    For those hurt by a careless driver, your life may feel like it's been turned upside down. You deserve compensation for your injuries and all the other ways you have been harmed by the wreck. While getting paid for your wrecked car and lost wages are important, you will find that your medical expenses play a starring role in your case. Read on to find out more about the importance of medical expenses and about an important turning point in your case, the independent medical exam (IME).