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Work Through Your Workers Compensation Claim When You Are Initially Denied

by Kristin Hawkins

Your workers compensation claim can be denied, even when you are hurt at work and not able to return to your job right away. It is possible that your paperwork was not complete, or your employer did not report your injury right away. Your workers compensation insurance company will tell you why your claim was denied, and you will need to appeal the decision in order to get the benefits you deserve. Workers compensation attorneys are there to help you figure out the details of your claim, to answer questions that the insurance company is asking, and to help you gain the benefits you need while you heal. If you are denied benefits, a workers compensation attorney will help.

When Your Accident Is Not Clear

There are times when your workers compensation claim can be denied because the cause of your accident is not clear. There might not be witnesses to your accident, or there does not seem to be an obvious correlation between your injuries and the accident reported. It is necessary to always tell the same story and seek medical care to prove the extent of your injuries. Even when there are no witnesses to your accident, your case is a valid one when you are hurt and cannot work.

Proving Your Injuries

Your workers compensation might be denied because you have not been able to prove your injuries. The only way to remain out of work is to have a treatment provider state that you cannot work. You must go to treatment and follow through with all referrals. Your treatment providers will give your workers compensation company the information they need to evaluate your claim and determine whether you should be paid or not.

Do Not Stop Going to Treatment

It can be frustrating to work through a workers compensation claim when you are initially denied. Some people give up and force going back to work too early by starting another job. Others do not seek medical care anymore out of feelings of hopelessness. Keep seeing your treatment providers and report all of your symptoms. If you start skipping medical appointments, it will look like you are not really injured.

Workers compensation lawyers help people get through the process of applying and receiving benefits. If your claim is denied, a work injury attorney will know what needs to be done to fix your claim. By hiring an attorney, you will get the best chance at getting the benefits you need while you heal.