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Understanding The Importance Of An 18-Wheeler Attorney For Your Truck Accident Case

by Kristin Hawkins

Companies use 18-wheeler trucks for commercial services because they're large semi-trailers with a stable wheelbase, enabling them to carry and withstand heavy weight over long distances. On the downside, 18-wheelers pose dangerous risks on the road due to features such as large blindspots and hazardous materials they carry. Accidents involving them are always fatal and severe. Moreover, following up on liability claims for such vehicles is always challenging, and you should seek the services of an 18-wheeler attorney to guide you through the legal process. Below is an overview of the different ways they help with your case. 

They Help Finding Liability

Determining who's at fault in an 18-wheeler accident is challenging as many parties are always involved. It could be the driver, the trucking company, the vehicle manufacturer, another driver, or even the repair company. If you pursue the case without an attorney, you can sue the wrong person or miss out on others. That significantly affects the chances of success in your case and the amount of compensation to receive. An 18-wheeler accident attorneys have experience and expertise in handling cases involving heavy-duty trucks. They analyze the facts of an accident and decide the parties to hold accountable. They also sue every possible liable party to increase your chances of success and get the highest possible compensation. 

They Negotiate With Insurance Companies

If an insurance company willingly offers a settlement after an 18-wheeler accident, it's highly likely they have considered the facts of the case and figured out they stand to lose more in court. Moreover, settlement negotiation helps to avoid time-consuming and costly court processes. However, you shouldn't go to a settlement negotiation without an attorney. Insurance companies always offer lower amounts than you deserve because they know you're the best place to get the money to pay medical bills from the accident. Attorneys help negotiate better settlements because, other than the current medical bills, they include all the accident implications when negotiating the settlement amount. That includes emotional suffering, permanent disability, loss of income, and possible future medical bills. 

They File A Lawsuit On Your Behalf

It's common for insurance companies to refuse to offer a fair settlement leading to a court battle. Pursuing lawsuits involving 18-wheeler trucks is challenging due to several reasons. For example, it's easier to know all the legal processes and standards of proof in such cases if your attorney is in the field. Another reason is that the severity of 18-wheeler accidents leaves you bedridden for a long time. Battling a court case during this period is hectic and disrupts your recovery. An 18-wheeler truck attorney saves you all the hassle as they represent you throughout the court process ensuring a fair trial while you peacefully recover.

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