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2 Types Of Paperwork To Bring With You To An Initial Consultation With An Auto Accident Lawyer

by Kristin Hawkins

After being in a car accident that involved another driver and vehicle, you may feel that it is obvious that you are not the one at fault for the incident. Since you were injured in the accident and your vehicle sustained heavy damage, you may be getting ready to file a claim against the other driver.

To do this, you may already be planning to find a lawyer to help you with your case. Before you go to your initial consultation with the attorney, there are two different types of paperwork that you should try to gather so that they have a clear view of the accident as well as its aftermath.

1. Paperwork and Visual Evidence Obtained at the Site of the Accident 

One type of paperwork that you should bring with you when you first meet with the lawyer regarding the car accident is anything that can be gathered at the site of the accident. At the time of the accident, you should have already obtained the personal and insurance information of the other driver as well as a copy of the police report made by the responding officer.

Either at the time of the accident or afterward, if you required immediate medical attention, you should also have visual evidence that can include both pictures and video footage. This evidence should include pictures of the road, any traffic signs, and if taken at the time of the accident, pictures of both cars involved.

2. Paperwork and Reports about Any Injuries and Property Damage Related to the Accident

Another type of paperwork that you should have ready when you first meet with the attorney is anything related to the aftermath of the accident. This includes paperwork pertaining to any injuries you sustained or damage done to your car.

For your injuries, gather copies of the initial emergency room report, test results, and doctor notes for any visits afterward. For your vehicle, try to get a couple of estimates for the cost of repairing the damage.

Before meeting with a lawyer the first time to discuss your claim after an auto accident, try to gather any visual evidence at the scene of the accident, such as pictures or videos of the road and conditions. You should also have with you the police report and information about the other driver. For injuries and property damage, get a copy of your medical records and estimates for repairs on your vehicle. Once you have this information, make an appointment for a consultation with an auto accident lawyer so that they can review and discuss with you the details of the accident and your intended lawsuit.