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Auto Accident Investigations: 3 Ways Your Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

by Kristin Hawkins

Finding out what caused a car crash is important for the drivers involved and the insurance companies. In some car crashes, it's easy to tell what happened. For instance, in rear-end collisions, you can tell that one car hit the back of another vehicle. However, in some accidents, you cannot tell the cause of the crash because drivers may not know what happened. They can even lie so that they're not held liable for the accident. So, immediately after your crash, seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer because they work with accident investigators to build evidence that will support your case. Here are a few ways they can be of help.

1. They can interview witnesses at the scene

The testimony of eyewitnesses helps to strengthen your claim against the at-fault party. Therefore, if you were able to speak with witnesses at the accident scene and got their contact information, share it with your auto accident attorney. If you didn't get the chance to speak with witnesses, your lawyer can review the police report to see who could be liable for your accident. Besides asking them what they saw, your auto accident lawyer will also want to know where they were standing at the accident scene. Witness accounts taken by your lawyer are crucial in countering the defense arguments raised by the at-fault driver's insurance company.

2. They'll help examine the accident scene

After your auto accident, police officers will be the first to arrive at the scene. Their priority is to get medical attention to the injured people. While the police may be the first respondents, it's still important that you involve your car accident attorney. Your lawyer will work with investigators who'll use chalk to mark the area that requires further investigation. In the auto accident scene, some of the evidence investigators will look for include skid marks on the ground or pavement, debris like pieces of glass and puddles of oil, and blood or gasoline. 

They'll also go ahead and take 360-degree photos of the four sides of the accident scene, as well as close-up photos of the damage on the vehicles. Sometimes car accident investigations may reveal evidence of defective components or parts that could have caused an accident. If this is the case, your auto accident law attorney will use that to hold the manufacturer responsible for the accident.

3. They can seek the assistance of expert witnesses

In some cases, your car accident attorney may seek the help of expert witnesses like accident reconstruction specialists. The testimony from such professionals is important in determining who could be liable for your accident. Expert witnesses can also help you understand your injuries and determine the compensation you could recover. 

Your car accident investigation plays a critical role in the outcome of your settlement. This is why it may be necessary to enlist the help of a car accident lawyer. Visit a site like to learn more about how a lawyer could help you.