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Top Benefits Of Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

by Kristin Hawkins

If you are involved in a car accident, you may need to seek damages from the liable person. While you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim on your own, it is essential to engage a car accident lawyer for a more favorable outcome of your case. Here are some benefits of hiring a car accident attorney.

Knowledge of Procedural Rules

One of the top benefits of hiring an attorney is their knowledge of the law. An attorney will advise you about the statutes of limitations that can prevent you from pursuing a personal injury claim. For example, in some states, you should file a lawsuit within two years from the time of your car accident. Your lawyer will also inform you about any exceptions to the time limits.

Your car accident attorney will also anticipate any defenses that the opposition may raise. They will prepare your case for trial and ensure you get a fair settlement. Having a lawyer by your side is crucial, especially if you are against the vast resources and experience of a large insurance firm.

Negotiating with a Lien Holder

If you benefit from a disability, health, or workers' compensation insurer, the insurer has a lien on your claim. This means that they will get any settlement you receive before you do. A good attorney will work with the insurer to get them to reduce their lien. When the insurer reduces the lien, you will get more out of a settlement. 

Liens can also be made through prior agreement. You will be required to sign a letter of protection or consensual lien with the healthcare service when you receive treatment. This is an agreement to pay the healthcare provider with money received from your settlement. It is crucial to have a car accident lawyer draft this agreement.

Gathering Evidence

The other important benefit of working with a car accident attorney is their ability to gather evidence to support your claim. Your lawyer will revisit the scene of the accident and obtain any proof that will strengthen your case. Your attorney will also obtain your medical records to determine the most appropriate damages.

Additionally, your attorney will obtain the accident report and speak to the investigating law enforcement agencies to identify any loopholes in your case. They will also perform repair estimates to calculate your financial loss. Some other damages that your attorney can help you get include lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

To learn more, contact a local car accident lawyer.