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3 Instances You Need The Help Of A Personal Injury Attorney

by Kristin Hawkins

Most motorists take the right measures to prevent accidents, but sometimes, accidents still happen due to another party's fault. Auto accidents carry with them the possible bulk of medical bills and other financial damages. What's more, the compensation process is usually complicated and may take longer, especially if you don't have a lawyer by your side. If you have been involved in a car accident and are not sure at which point you should involve a lawyer, this article is for you. Here are signs that it's time to start looking for an attorney.

1. When Negotiations With an Insurance Company or Adjusters Begin

Negotiations about insurance claims can be confusing especially for first-timers. So whenever compensation negotiations are involved, it is always advisable to be armed with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of injury claims. The lawyer will help you draft and submit your compensation claim on time. They will also help you gather evidence and come up with a plan to get fair compensation. 

The attorney will also connect you to investigators, medical experts, and other specialists who can help strengthen your claim. Besides, the lawyer can catch and stop any tactics that the insurance company or adjuster might try to convince you to accept less money than you deserve.

2. When the Blame for the Accident Is Being Placed on You

When accidents occur, nobody wants to take the blame. This is because your degree of involvement in an accident affects the amount of compensation you receive for settlement. Therefore, you should protect yourself if you notice the parties involved in the accident are blaming you. 

Having a lawyer by your side is the best way to protect yourself from blame. Your lawyer will ensure that the authorities carry out thorough investigations to help settle the dispute on how the accident occurred and who caused it. 

3. When the Car Accident Is the Cause for Emotional Distress 

Compensatory damages fall into two categories: special (economic) and general (non-economic) compensatory damages. Special compensatory damages include lost wages and medical bills. General compensatory damages include emotional-related damages like pain, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. If a car accident is the cause of your emotional sufferings, you can be compensated. Hiring a lawyer will help you develop a strategy that will help you prove and win your case. 

Make sure you hire a lawyer if you find yourself in any of these situations. You deserve reasonable compensation for accidents that you are insured for, and great representation is the best way to ensure that happens.