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Three Of The Biggest Mistakes You Are Likely To Make If You're Injured In A Car Accident

by Kristin Hawkins

If you ever find yourself injured in an auto accident, the experience can be traumatic, so it is understandable that you are not thinking clearly. This can often lead to making mistakes that may mean you receive a lot less compensation for your injuries in the future. However, among the mistakes that people make, there are three that stand out the most. If you can avoid making these mistakes, you will be helping yourself greatly.

You fail to seek medical attention

This can happen if you have only suffered a few apparent cuts and bruises, so you don't bother going to the hospital. However, concussions can be something that you don't realize you have, and until a doctor has examined you, they can't be ruled out. A car accident can happen fast, so you may not realize you hit your head. Later, when you realize you have suffered a concussion, it can be argued that it was not related to the accident, but happened at another time. A similar problem can happen with neck and back injuries. Sometimes these are missed by a doctor, especially if you aren't in any pain. But the fact that you saw a doctor after the accident provides a strong link between your injury and the accident.

You discuss a settlement with the insurance company

No good can come from speaking to an insurance claims adjuster. They are motivated to settle to the advantage of their employer. They will never pay more than they have to, and you are not likely to know you settling for less because you don't know the law. You don't know all of areas of compensation that you are entitled to, let alone the amount you have coming to you. Never entertain any offers from an insurance company. You don't need to be an attorney to understand that no offer from an insurance company will be fair.

You don't hire an attorney

There really is no reason to not hire a personal injury lawyer. They work on a contingency fee, so you never pay them unless they win your case or settle to your satisfaction. And they always provide an initial consultation free of charge, so you will know how good your case is. An attorney is familiar with car accident injuries, so they will understand how much compensation you will need in the future, as well as the present. They can often get reimbursement for time lost on the job and compensation for the pain and suffering that you have gone through.

If you ever find yourself in a traffic accident, and you have been injured, remember to not make the following three big mistakes: Not seeking medical attention, negotiating with the insurance company, and not hiring a lawyer.

If you have more questions, contact your local auto accident attorney.