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Involved In A Car Accident? Don't Make These Admissions At The Accident Scene

by Kristin Hawkins

The moments immediately after an accident can have the biggest impact on your compensation if you were injured. Unfortunately, many people say things that can be construed the wrong way. Some states do not award any compensation to someone who is found to have any responsibility for causing a car accident. This means that you may not receive anything if you admit to even a small amount of fault. Don't mistakenly say any of these admissions to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

You're Sorry

One thing that some people tend to say right after an accident, whether they mean it or not, is that they are sorry. This can be as a way to comfort the other person that was involved in the accident or actually apologizing for something you think you did. Saying that you're sorry is one thing that should best be avoided if you want to ensure that you receive compensation. 

You Didn't See Them

Another common thing to say after an accident is that you did not see the other person coming. Whether you saw them coming or not is kind of irrelevant, because there are situations where you could be involved in a car accident and not be able to see the other driver. For example, if they were driving at night without their lights on, or were speeding and came around a turn too quickly. By saying that you did not see the other driver, you could be admitting that you didn't have your eyes on the road. 

You Were Talking On Your Phone

It's easy to accidentally say that you were talking on your phone when the accident happened. Unfortunately, even if you were talking in a way that was completely legal, it may seem like you were distracted. It does not matter if you were using a Bluetooth headset for hands-free calling or holding the phone to your ear, saying you were talking on your phone implies that you were not completely focused on the road. 

You've Been Meaning To Get Your Car Repaired

After an accident is not the time to explain how the accident is no big deal because you were meaning to get it repaired. This implies that something is wrong with your vehicle that could have led to the accident. As far as the other driver should be concerned, your vehicle is just fine and does not have any problems that could cause problems when driving. 

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