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The Importance Of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney After A Car Wreck

by Kristin Hawkins

Car accidents account for millions of personal injuries each year. When you find yourself seriously injured after an auto accident, it is important that you avoid accepting blame for what happened yourself. You may have a case to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries. 

To ensure that you litigate your case to the fullest, you need to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you. Your auto accident attorney can provide you with vital services in the aftermath of a serious car wreck.

Proving Blame for the Accident

Your lawyer will get to work right away proving exactly who is to blame for the accident that left you injured. He or she can get access to proof that will show that you were not to blame. Your personal injury attorney can subpoena the police report, accident reconstruction report, and even the dashcam footage of the other driver that was involved in the wreck with you.

All of this proof can substantiate that you were not at fault and therefore not liable to pay for your own injuries. Your lawyer can file an immediate claim against the insurer of the other driver and show, if necessary, that the insurer is responsible for paying for your medical and prescription costs that relate to the accident.

Pursuing Damages

Your auto accident attorney can also pursue other compensation for damages that you incurred during the wreck. For example, if you had to miss work because of the accident, you may be owed compensation for your lost income. The driver's insurer may owe you the money that you would otherwise have been able to earn if you were not injured.

Likewise, your attorney can make sure that the liable insurer pays for any future expenses that you incur because of the wreck. For example, if you need rehabilitation therapy to help you heal from a broken limb, you do not have to pay for the therapy on your own. The responsible driver's insurance can be held accountable to cover this expense for you.

These services are some of the ones that your personal injury attorney can provide to you after you have been injured in a serious car wreck. You can pursue compensation for your medical and prescription costs that you incur as a result. You can also pursue compensation for financial damages related to lost income and any rehab services that you need.