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Got Into An Accident With A Truck Driver? 4 Things To Know About The Compensation Process

by Kristin Hawkins

When it comes to getting into an accident, it is never easy. Getting into an accident with a commercial truck driver can really complicate the compensation process, which is why you should hire an attorney to help you with the compensation and potentially with the lawsuit process.

Thing #1: Hire an Attorney

If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you are going to want to hire an attorney to help you with the compensation process.

When you get into an accident with a commercial truck, there are multiple parties that can be held responsible, from the trucker themselves to the company they work for, to the company that maintains their vehicles. With a truck accident, you don't just have to prove that you were not at fault for the accident, you have to prove which various parties were responsible for the accident.

Thing #2: Always File a Police Report

When you get into an accident with a truck driver, you are going to want to make sure you file a police report. Filing a police report is just the start of making sure that you can show that the truck driver, not you, was responsible for the accident.

In many states, in order to get compensation from the insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit, you need to have filed a police report about the accident. Be sure to call the police to the accident scene and let them document what happened.

Thing #3: Investigate the Accident

Even though you were involved in the accident, you more than likely don't know everything there is to know about the accident. That is why you need to hire a professional to help investigate the accident. With a truck accident, there are so many more elements at play then just what you remember.

With a truck accident, for example, an investigation team would get a copy of the truck drivers to log to see how many hours they were on the road and if the truck driver took enough breaks. Not taking enough breaks can result in hazardous driving and could have contributed to your accident.

The investigation team is also going to look into the maintenance of the vehicle the truck driver was driving. Commercial vehicles have to keep maintenance logs, and they have to follow federal rules regarding how they take care and maintain their vehicle. Improper maintenance can help prove that the accident was not your fault and can make it easier for you to get the compensation you need following the accident.

A skilled truck crash investigation team will make sure they get all the data and information they need to build a case showing that the trucker, or the trucker's employer, should hold the responsibility for the accident and compensation for the damages you suffered.

Thing #4: Reconstruct the Accident

If your case turns into a personal injury lawsuit, you may need to hire a team to reconstruct the accident. Accident reconstruction is a formal process that involves using pictures from the crash, vehicle damage information, and other data to reconstruct what happens. Reconstruction can be vitally important in showing who should be held responsible for the accident.

Getting into an accident with a commercial truck is a big deal. You need to hire an attorney to help you navigate the process and ensure you get proper compensation for your injuries. Be sure to file a police report, and work with your attorney to hire a team to investigate and reconstruct the accident if necessary to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

For more details, reach out to a local truck accident attorney