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Four Mistakes That Lead To A Social Security Disability Denial

by Kristin Hawkins

When you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits for the first time, you might be concerned that your claim will be denied. Social Security Disability claims are often denied initially, but with the help of a Social Security lawyer, you can avoid the common mistakes that lead to a denial. 

1. Failure to Meet Non-Medical Requirements

One of the most common reasons for a denial is that you do not have the basic non-medical requirements. For example, you must not have more than $2,000 in savings as an individual or $3,000 as a couple. You cannot own two or more houses. There are several other requirements that your Social Security lawyer will inform you of. Earning too much income is another common reason to be denied. 

2. Failure to Provide Evidence of Disability

If you have an injury that is a qualifying condition, you'll want to make sure that you have enough evidence to prove that you have this injury. Make sure to go to all your doctor's appointments and have the necessary tests performed so that you will have the hard medical evidence to prove your injuries. 

In addition to gathering information, you must also follow your doctor's orders. When the Social Security Disability Administration (SSA) believes that you're disabled and following your doctor's advice, they will not blame you for your disability and your claim will be less likely to be denied.

3. Failure to Cooperate with the SSA

Make sure to be available when the SSA tries to reach you. If they cannot locate you to ask questions and you are not represented by a lawyer, you are much more likely to be denied benefits. Also, you must cooperate with the SSA. If they ask for your medical files and you refuse to give them up, you're more likely to be denied.

4. You're Expected to Recover Too Soon

To be qualified for Social Security Disability, your condition must either last for 12 months or it should be expected to last until your death. The Social Security Disability Administration might believe that you will recover more quickly than what is feasible. You will likely need help from a lawyer to craft a case for why this isn't true.

There are too many possible reasons for a Social Security Disability claim denial to list. However, if you are working with a Social Security lawyer, he or she will be aware of common denial causes and will help you avoid a denial.