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Commercial Trucks Of All Sizes Must Be Held Responsible For Collisions

by Kristin Hawkins

When it comes to commercial truck accidents, people often think about those collisions that involve 18-wheelers. However, commercial trucks come in various sizes, so the size of the truck does not matter. If you've been involved in an accident with a smaller commercial truck — you may still have a case. Remember, these smaller trucks must still abide by the same guidelines as larger trucks. If these guidelines are not followed, the smaller truck company could be found liable.

Driver Training

It is the responsibility of every business owner to ensure that the drivers who operate their vehicles be trained to handle the vehicle they are driving. When a company does not verify that the driver is properly trained, the company could be found to be operating negligently.

Consider an instance where the door of a box truck was not properly secured and the contents of the truck spilled on the road and caused an accident, for example. In this scenario, it was the responsibility of the company to ensure the driver knew how to operate the door. Their lack of proper training is then largely to blame for the accident. 

Safe Practices

It's equally important that all companies ensure that the vehicles they operate follow safe practices, especially when it comes to maintenance. Mechanical issues, such as worn brakes or tires that the company has failed to address, could leave the company liable in the event the driver loses control of the vehicle as a result of these issues and causes a collision.

In addition to maintenance issues, company owners must also ensure their drivers are exercising safe practices. For example, all drivers must not be required to drive or operate the vehicle over a certain number of hours within a single day. If the company ignores these guidelines and the driver is fatigued and causes an accident, the company could be found liable. 

Claim Filing

No matter the size of the truck, what's most important is that you speak with an attorney to file a claim as soon as possible. Every state has a statute of limitations that outlines the timeframe by which all personal injury claims must be submitted. A commercial vehicle wreck attorney will not only help you meet this deadline but also work hard to discover negligence on the part of the commercial truck company. 

The size of the vehicle does not matter. What is more important is that you are compensated for the negligent actions of another driver. Contact an attorney who can assist you with your claim.